West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren
West of Bathurst Kickstarter Rewards
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The West of Bathurst Kickstarter campaign necessitated the production of certain small digital rewards. I took my own sweet time creating them, but here, at long last, they are.

1) Thank-You Comic

 (It's actually more of a sorry-I-took-years-to-make-this-thank-you-comic comic, but ah well.)

West of Bathurst Kickstarter campaign thank-you comic

2) Portrait of the Davies Choir

(Choir members are labelled with the names of the pledgers. The choristers do not actually look like the pledgers.)

Davies Choir, West of Bathurst Kickstarter

3) Virtual Fist Bumps

(Yes, I promised pledgers at the first few levels virtual fist bumps. The video will explain.)


West of Bathurst

West of Bathurst Kickstarter

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