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Weave a Circle Round Character Portraits
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My first novel, Weave a Circle Round, came out in the fall of 2017. I meant to post a series of character portraits in the months leading up to the release. I forgot about this grand plan after the first two portraits. However, I eventually remembered again, two years later. The portraits are below, along with links to the blog entries that originally displayed them.

1) Freddy Duchamp
Freddy Duchamp, Weave a Circle Round
Freddy's portrait first appeared attached to an essay on time travel as a literary device.

2) Josiah
Josiah, Weave a Circle Round
Josiah turned up in a Valentine's Day meditation on why not all stories need love interests.

3) Roland Fukiyama

Roland Fukiyama, Weave a Circle Round
I eventually stopped doing blog posts and stuck the remainder of the portraits into one giant post. I may get a tad busy at times. Here is the giant post in question.

4) Mel Duchamp

Mel Duchamp, Weave a Circle Round

5) Cuerva Lachance

Cuerva Lachance, Weave a Circle Round

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