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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
It Never Rains 1541
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I've finally started updating the character page, and I'll try to continue at the rate of one new entry every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until I'm done. We've done Mr. Jones, Fathima, Kai, Basil, Cynthia, Debra, Aisha, and Charlie; today, we'll finish this round off with Rahim, another escapee from West of Bathurst. I've included the entry below, but it's also available on the "Characters" page.

Unless I've forgotten someone, that will be it for now. Some of the earlier character entries are a little out of date, but since they're meant to provide a reference for someone encountering the comic for the first time, it wouldn't make much sense to switch to grown-up Alex or white-haired Rose.


Full Name: Rahim Khan

Date of Birth: September 3, 1974

He Is: A nurse with a connection to the man whose name is not Casey

He Has: A bottomless supply of cynicism, a curiosity he often has occasion to curse, a tendency to be dragged unwillingly into the nearest fairy tale, a piercing glare

He Lacks: Patience

Avoid Him If: You are probably the devil
A drawing of a middle-aged Pakistani man with black hair that is going white around the ears, brown eyes, and brown skin. He is wearing a brown coat, grey pants, and grey shoes.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Panel 1: In Fathima and Kai's apartment, Rose has just revealed the whole time-travel thing to Fathima, who is taking it surprisingly well.

Fathima: Honey, I'm obviously a little mad at you, but I understand.

Rose: How?

Panel 2:

Fathima: I wouldn't have known how to tell me that either...or expected me to believe it.

Rose: Why do you believe it?

Panel 3: 

Fathima: You've noticed how Iz has an unexpectedly logical mind?

Rose: Sure.

Fathima: He gets it from me.

Panel 4:

Fathima: And way too many puzzle pieces just snapped into place.

Rose: Did they? My mind is made of chocolate sprinkles.

Alt-Text: I think a lot of my characters are either puzzle-piece people or chocolate-sprinkles people. Fathima: puzzle. Rose: sprinkles. Denise: puzzle. Kai: sprinkles. Jennifer is puzzle x 1,000, and Casey is sprinkles with extra sprinkles on top. The strangest one is probably Iz, who is half puzzle and half sprinkles. You might say he's sprinkles for the first ten seconds after someone tells him something, and then he shifts slowly but effectively into analytical mode.

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