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Monday, August 21, 2023
It Never Rains 1531
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Good news, everyone: It Never Rains has won its fifth Aurora Award in the category of Graphic Novel/Comic. I've added another little icon to the home page. Thank you for continuing to follow this comic and all its weird twists and turns.

One note: I know I've fallen behind on the character page. I was planning to start adding new characters today, but I spent the entire weekend dealing with a migraine, and ultimately, I couldn't manage it. I'm actually writing this note at 4:00 in the morning because the migraine has messed up my sleep schedule. I'll try to have the Mr. Jones entry up by Wednesday, and then, with luck, we'll go from there, with one entry accompanying each new comic for the next couple of weeks. There aren't that many characters to add, but there are definitely some people who should be in there.

Incidentally, I updated Jack's entry quite some time ago. His old name is mentioned for the benefit of people reading the strip for the first time, but his new name is more prominent, and his picture has been modified.

Monday, August 21, 2023
Panel 1: In Universe A, back in December of 2022, Iz A is in crisis. He has made it through his shower and his sitting on his couch, wrapped in a blanket. His mother, Fathima, is beside him, her hand on his shoulder, as his father, Kai, watches, along with Rose and Jack.

Fathima: Honey, you should have told us.

Iz A: Nothing to tell. I'm going to live inside this blanket.

Panel 2:

Kai [to Rose]: He's been a little down lately, but this is...did you know...?

Rose: He hasn't been returning my calls.

Panel 3:

Iz A: It all hit me at once. Just...blam. Right in the face. I'm sorry, Mom.

Fathima: You have nothing to apologise for. We just want you to be okay.

Panel 4:

Jack: This has helped me a lot. I feel very balanced and decisive.

Rose: Well, thank goodness for that.

Alt-Text: As usual, Jack's timing is impeccable.

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