It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, July 31, 2023
It Never Rains 1522
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Monday, July 31, 2023
Panel 1: Denise and Rose are in Rose's apartment, looking at the secret bookcase door into the mysterious dark space.

Denise: Holy crap.

Rose: Pretty much.

Panel 2: Denise leads the way through the bookcase.

Denise: Okay, let's...huh. It looks like a whole other apartment. Just a sec...

Panel 3: Denise moves into the secret apartment and flips the light switch.

Denise: The lights work.

Rose: What the...?

Panel 4: Denise and Rose move farther into the apartment and find a nook containing a desk, above which ten screens have been mounted on the wall.

Rose: Screens?

Denise: They're not hooked up to anything.

Rose: That creeps me out a lot.

Alt-Text: Why is the mysterious apartment THAT dark? 1) Because it's night. 2) Because there are blinds. 3) Because of drama. 4) Shut up.

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