It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Wednesday, May 10, 2023
It Never Rains 1487
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Wednesday, May 10, 2023
Panel 1: Weird Beard, Jennifer, and Rose sit on a couch in Rose's living room.

Rose: Have you discovered anything that will help Iz?

Jennifer: No. I'm sorry.

Panel 2:

Jennifer: We just can't know what's happened to him. We can't risk trying anything without knowing for sure.

Panel 3:

Rose: ...Oh.

Weird Beard: We haven't given up, Rose. There's still the obvious connection between Iz, you, and me. I mean, look at my beard.

Panel 4:

Wasn't it already white?

Weird Beard: It was grey.

Rose: What a shockingly dramatic difference.

Alt-Text: I could have shown this happening in real time, but somehow, "75-year-old man's light grey beard turns white" isn't quite as dramatic as whatever has been happening to Rose and Iz.

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