It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Friday, March 12, 2021
It Never Rains 1149
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Friday, March 12, 2021
Panel 1: Rose and Iz are speaking on the phone. In each panel, we see both of them in a sort of split screen.

Rose: Jennifer says you're at the centre of an...event.

Iz: An event?

Panel 2:

No, an...event, ominous pause included.

Iz: I don't feel like I'm at the centre of an...event.

Panel 3:

Iz: I feel like I'm not at the centre of I'm small and alone in a vast, uncaring universe.

Panel 4:

Rose: COVID getting to you?

Iz: When are we going to get the vaccine?

Alt-Text: I'm right there with you, Iz. I'M RIGHT THERE FREAKING WITH YOU.

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