It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
It Never Rains 1100
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Wednesday, November 18, 2020
Panel 1: Rose and Denise are sitting on their couch, talking to Jennifer on the phone.

Jennifer [on the phone]: What happened to the mouse?

Denise: I kept her.

Panel 2:

Denise: Her name is Daenerys. She likes running in her wheel and doing obstacle courses I set up for her.

Panel 3:

Jennifer [on the phone]: And that's it? There have been no...incidents?

Panel 4:

Rose: That was an ominous pause.

Denise: Such an ominous pause.

Jennifer [on the phone]: You two put me off balance simply by existing.

Alt-Text: "No, no. What I meant to say was: nothing has been...unusual? No, let me try again. You haven't noticed anything...out of place? DAMN IT."

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