It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, March 16, 2020
It Never Rains 994
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Monday, March 16, 2020
Panel 1: The first six panels are half the size they usually are. Each is connected to the next by a little bridge over the gutters In the first panel, Rose, her bruised, bloodshot eyes prominent, arrives a bit further back in the past from her starting point in the room at 127 Amser, an undisclosed number of years in the future. It's day. She has her hands raised; she's just been holding hands with future Iz.

Panel 2: A bit further back into the past, it's night. There's a bookcase in the room now. Rose's eyes and nose have begun to bleed. Still on her knees, she clutches at her heart.

Panel 3: Rose has jumped again. It's night. The bookcase is still there, but it has different books in it. Rose balls her fists and squeezes her eyes shut.

Panel 4: The bookcase is gone. It's night. There is now a desk to Rose's left. She falls down, bleeding profusely.

Panel 5: The desk is gone, replaced by a standing lamp. It's night. Rose drags herself to her knees.

Panel 6: The lamp is gone. It's night. Rose's eyes are half-closed, and she looks ready to pass out.

Panel 7: This is the one full-size panel in the comic. It's day. Rose, back with Iz and Denise in the unfinished room, has collapsed, unconscious. Iz and Denise kneel beside her.

Iz: Oh my God.

Denise: What you said.

Alt-Text: I would say Rose wasn't having a good day, but I think she just had, like, seven not good days in a row, each of them three seconds long.

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