It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Monday, September 2, 2019
It Never Rains 910
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Monday, September 2, 2019
Panel 1: Rose, Iz, and Casey are standing outside the mysterious door labelled "668."

Casey: I do know something about this place, but it's not very exciting. Various groups rent it out for classes and seminars.

Panel 2: 

Rose: What kinds of groups?

Casey: All kinds. Art and music classes, lectures, ESL discussion groups. They've got five or six rooms up there.

Panel 3: 

Iz: But it's locked.

Casey: There must not be anyone using it today.

Panel 4: 

Rose: Or not anyone who wants people to know they're using it.

Casey: Ooh...sounds intriguing.

Alt-Text: Don't get Casey intrigued in things, Rose. Once he gets involved, you'll have freaking fairy tales popping up everywhere.

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