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Monday, April 1, 2019
April Fool!
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Monday, April 1, 2019
Panel 1: As Rose and Future Rose stand together in the hallway at Rose's house, they hear a strange sound coming from the living room: a sort of "VWORP VWORP" noise.

Panel 2: A blonde woman in a long grey coat, a navy blue shirt with rainbow stripes across the front, yellow suspenders, and blue culottes walks up to the two Roses. She is carrying a nonsensical little machine with what looks like a teensy satellite dish on top.

Woman: Hello! I'm registering a strange disruption in the time stream emanating from this location. What's all this, then?

Panel 3: Rose looks reasonably suspicious.

Rose: Who are you supposed to be?

Woman: I'm the Doctor.

Panel 4: The Doctor's machine is going "bip bip bip."

Rose: Doctor wh--

Future Rose [violently]: NO.

The Doctor: She's right, actually. That question is so 1963.

Alt-Text: VWORP

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