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Sunday, March 3, 2019
It Never Rains Anniversary 2019
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Today, It Never Rains turns five. (It is also almost thirteen years since I started West of Bathurst, so I guess it makes sense that Casey has resurfaced.)

Making It Never Rains is one of the things that keeps me from spending a lot of time smashing plates against walls. It should probably add stress to my life, and I guess it does sometimes, but it's nice to have a story I am always working on. Even when I don't have time for long-form fiction because marking takes basically forever, I can create these little comics. Over the past five years, I've become very fond of Rose, Iz, Maggie, Jennifer, Jacquie, and all their little friends. I still miss West of Bathurst, but It Never Rains has a whole different brand of wackiness.

Last fall, I drew a little collage of scenes from Weave a Circle Round on a masquerade mask, and that was so much fun that I decided to replicate the technique for the It Never Rains anniversary header. The header illustrates a number of key INR moments. Yes, I'm undoubtedly leaving some out, but there's only so much room.

Thanks for sticking around and occasionally making acerbic comments on Rose's latest trip through time. If you want to give INR a birthday present, please tell someone about it. Suggested conversation starter: "I found a comic that's almost as weird as you are."
Sunday, March 3, 2019
Panel 1: Barbara, Rose's aunt, narrows her eyes and points at Casey, who is smirking. Beside them stands Rahim Khan, a tall Middle Eastern man with black hair that is beginning to go white and rectangular glasses perched on his nose. Rose is staring at Rahim, who is flapping his hand dismissively at her.

Rahim: Five years in, this is all beginning to look strangely West-of-Bathurst-y.

Rose: Who are you?

Rahim: You'll find out tomorrow.

Alt-Text: Also, shiny object.

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