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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
It Never Rains 773
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I'm pleased to announce that my first novel, Weave a Circle Round, has tied for the Copper Cylinder Award (YA category) with S. M. Beiko's Scion of the Fox. The Copper Cylinder is an annual Canadian award voted on by members of the Sunburst Society. I can now officially call WACR an award-winning novel, so achievement unlocked.
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Panel 1: Rose sits on the sidewalk with Maggie and Future Rose.

Rose: Just one question, which I'm sure you won't answer: is my family ever going to find out about...this?

Panel 2: 

Maggie: What makes you think some of them don't already know?

Panel 3: Maggie smiles.

Panel 4:

Rose: Damn you.

Future Rose: That was mean.

Maggie: *Nods*

Alt-Text: It must not be very fun to know that your future self is FREAKING TERRIBLE.

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