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Monday, March 12, 2018
It Never Rains 679
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This comic is simultaneously meta and non-meta. Ooh.
The INR anniversary was actually on March 3rd, but I forgot because of marking. Here's the anniversary comic today instead. I'm too tired to say much about INR's fourth anniversary except...yaaay. Fourth anniversary.
Monday, March 12, 2018
Panel 1: In 1955, at the library, Rose and Casey sit in front of a microfilm reader.

Rose: I can't read this at all.

Casey: It's fine. I've got it.

Panel 2: Casey points at a newspaper article on the reader.

Casey: Look here...from two years ago. "Scientific insttitute with mystery donor opens. Many questions remain."

Panel 3: 

Casey: "The Institute for Spatiotemporal Studies: what is it? The men in charge are not talking. However, someone involved has deep pockets."

Panel 4:

Rose: So we've learned that no one else has learned anything either.

Casey: Pretty much.

Anniversary Panel:

Casey and Rose face each other. Rose is in her 1955 dress.

Casey: Your comic is four years old. That's over half as old as mine!

Rose: Who are you?

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