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Friday, November 10, 2017
It Never Rains 627
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As the publication date of my novel approaches, I'm likely going to indulge in lots of excited commentary about various things. Today's excited commentary involves the Goodreads YA Cover Contest for November 2017. It's just sort of a fun thing, and Weave a Circle Round's cover is one of the five finalists. It's currently in the lead. Please consider giving the cover's designer, Jamie Stafford-Hill, some love. To make it all ever so much more convenient, I've placed a voting widget at the bottom of this page (it's too big and unwieldy to go up here). It may or may not work particularly well. When I try to use it, I get an error page. However, I don't know how to fix it because all I did to get it here was to paste in the code. We'll see. At the very least, you can click on the link above and get to the poll that way.

I have no clue how Goodreads polls work. You may get a new vote every day. I don't even know how many days the poll lasts. There's no information anywhere. But hey...there are things to click on. Click away!

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Friday, November 10, 2017
Panel 1: Rose, Farah, and Ellen are talking in the newspaper office.

Ellen [points at Rose]: I can't work with her. She doesn't take anything seriously.

Farah: Hmm.

Panel 2:

Farah: Rose, what would you like to do a story on?

Rose: That guy who plays the autoharp outside the Athletic Centre every day.

Panel 3:

Ellen: Oh, come--

Rose: Rumour is he's a classical violinist who's made the choice to busk for a living. There are about five angles just in those details.

Panel 4: 

Farah: Sounds good. Go for it.

Rose: Going for it.

Ellen: But wheelchair ramps!

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Goodreads YA Cover Contest - November 2017. Vote for your favorite!
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