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Friday, July 7, 2017
It Never Rains 573
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Wacom update: I haven't received the new cable yet, but my relationship with Wacom tablets has continued to disintegrate. I've been using an entry-level Wacom pen tablet with my Surface, the only machine I currently own on which both the tablet and Photoshop will work...or so it went until today. "Work" is also a relative term. I had to reload Photoshop something like forty times a day because the pen kept losing its pressure sensitivity. Today, the tablet stopped working with this computer altogether. I don't know why except that Wacom tablets are terrible and designed to drive their users mad. I guess I'm back to using the mouse.

July 20, the day of the Surface pen's release, cannot come fast enough. Gosh, I hope it works okay.

Friday, July 7, 2017
Panel 1: Jennifer stands in Maggie's now-unoccupied spot, looking wildly around for Maggie.

Jennifer: Where are you?

Panel 2: Jennifer runs her hands along the stone wall of the building beside which Maggie always sits.

Jennifer: Is there a secret door in this wall? Or...

Panel 3: Jennifer stands, bewildered, on the sidewalk.

Jennifer: ...or did the experiment work? Are you...? No, you can't be.

Panel 4: Maggie comes up behind Jennifer.

Maggie: I can't be what?

Jennifer: This annoying. Though maybe you can.

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