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Monday, April 3, 2017
It Never Rains 532
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Yes, it's true: there was an extra comic on Saturday. Yes, it's also true: it was a prank.

At this point, of course, my pranks are not really pranks, as everyone expects them. One reader even asked me where the April Fools' Day comic was after I decided to wait until morning to post it. However, I enjoy making these little alternate fourth-wall-breaking comics. Alas, Iz cannot really text Rose in 1970 from 2017. What do you think this is, Doctor Who?

Monday, April 3, 2017
Panel 1: Rose and Kris talk in Queen's Park in 1970. They are sitting on a little stone wall.

Rose: At the very least, you can keep trying to get back. If I find out anything new about how it works, I'll come back and tell you.

Panel 2:

Kris: How do we communicate?

Rose: Well, there's this book, but I haven't found any more notes in that. We need a place you can leave messages. Just a second...

Panel 3: Rose is in 2017, kneeling in front of the same stone wall. She has removed part of a broken stone at its base, uncovering a red box.

Rose: Perfect.

Panel 4: Rose, still holding the box, is back in 1970.

Rose: Apparently, I now tell you to leave notes behind this rock in a watertight container. Here they all are.

Kris: My head hurts so much right now.

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