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Monday, January 16, 2017
It Never Rains 499
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My first novel, Weave a Circle Round, is coming out in the fall. The release date is still close to a year away, but I am impatient and will periodically be releasing drawings I've done of my own characters, just for fun. Each drawing will be accompanied by a blog entry on something that relates to the book in some way. The first picture is of the novel's protagonist, Freddy Duchamp; the first blog entry is on time travel. I've included the drawing here and have also made all the drawings their own page on the INR site.
Freddy Duchamp, Weave a Circle Round

Monday, January 16, 2017
Panel 1: Rose #1 is sitting crossed-legged on her bed, a large yellow book open in front of her. Rose #2, who is holding a smartphone, kneels beside her.

Rose #2: Keep working on the anthropology; I've got Frankenstein.

Rose #1: Check.

Panel 2: Rose #3 appears standing beside the bed. She gestures towards the door.

Rose #3: I'm going to sneak up to Jennifer's room and listen at her door.

Rose #1 and Rose #2: Okay.

Panel 3:

Rose #1: Wait a minute...didn't I decide a while ago to cool it on time travelling in the house?

Panel 4:  Rose #4, on the floor, drags herself up to peek over the bed at the others.

Rose #4: Probably. I dunno. I'm really tired from being all of you. Wake me in an hour.

Roses #1 - 3: Roger.

Weave a Circle Round Character Profile #1

The illustration is of a girl wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. Her eyes are narrowed, and she's looking off to her right. She's got a bag slung across her body and is holding a book. Several arrows, accompanied by notations, are pointed at her. The notations read:

Arrow pointed at head: Freddy Duchamp, 14 (not 10)

Arrow pointed at head: actually a seething cauldron of rage

Arrow pointed at shirt: breast pocket

Arrow pointed at watch: winds itself!

Arrow pointed at book: terrible YA paranormal romance

Arrow pointed at bag: contains nothing impossible

Arrow pointed at jeans: pants (not trendy)

Notation not attached to an arrow: (don't ask her about the inclined plane)

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