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Saturday, September 10, 2016
It Never Rains James Rendell
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This comic is dedicated to James Rendell, a Massey College Junior Fellow who won an It Never Rains cameo in the 2016 Massey Talent Auction. There was a winner in 2015 as well, but as that person has still not claimed the prize (alas, I can't draw a comic of someone I've never met and about whom I have no information), James's talent-auction comic is the first to take place in It Never Rains rather than West of Bathurst. The move to the new comic made the cameo a little tricky, as I could no longer necessarily rely on Davies (i.e., the fictionalised version of Massey) as a setting. However, as Rose has just started as an undergrad at U of T, it's natural that her Aunt Barbara might want to give her a tour of the campus, which would inevitably include a visit to Davies. We've thus returned to the Land of Bricks for a nostalgic James-centred visit. Enjoy.

Any visiting Masseyites who are seeing the comic for the first time should note that Rose uses a white cane because she has a very limited visual field. She can see the bricks; she just can't see very many of them at once. Also, in this wacky version of reality, Ron Thom's name is Tom Rhon.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Panel 1: Title panel. Rose and Barbara are walking together past a brick wall in Davies College. On the wall is a sign reading, "It Never Rains by Kari Maaren."

Rose: Nice bricks.

Barbara: We like to think so.

Panel 2: Rose and Barbara are standing in front of the Davies bulletin board.

Barbara: This is where I spent most of my graduate degree.

Rose: It seems pretty nor--

Voice: Barbara!

Panel 3: A bearded man bounces into the foyer.

Man: How's it going? I haven't seen you lately. That's probably my fault; I've been kayaking across Canada all summer while simultaneously inventing a new kind of handball.

Panel 4:

Man: Do you know we're standing in the exact spot Tom Rhon stood in when he decided the Davies desk chairs didn't need backs? It's true!

Panel 5:

Man: History is fascinating. If I could become a globe-trotting history-spouting handball-inventing dancing sailing human rights lawyer, I would be the happiest guy in the world.

Panel 6: The man turns to leave.

Man: I need to go study for thirty hours straight now, but it was nice catching up with you. Later!

Panel 7: The man is gone.

Rose: --mal.

Barbara: That was James. He does a lot of things.

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