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Saturday, April 2, 2016
It Never Rains 351
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With luck, people will notice that though this comic looks the same as the one posted yesterday, the words have changed. Yes, yesterday's comic was a special fourth-wall-breaking April Fools' Day strip. Today you get the real dialogue.

Also, West of Bathurst: The Complete Collection has been nominated for a Prix Aurora Award in the Graphic Novel category (the category It Never Rains won last year). My music is nominated in another category as well, and a lot of people I know are on the list.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Panel 1: Rose and Barbara sit together in front of Barbara's house.

Barbara: So you were thrown back in time to 1988--

Rose: Holy crap.

Barbara: --probably by an experiment.

Panel 2: 

Barbara: And you know you get back because you've seen older versions of yourself.

Rose: But I never told me how I did that.

Panel 3:

Rose: If it's a machine, it's one that doesn't exist yet. And if it isn't, then what is it? I don't know how to travel in time.

Panel 4: Rose covers her face with her hands.

Rose: But I do it because my arch-enemy will see me doing it right here and aaaargh.

Barbara: Are all lives in the future as complicated as yours?

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