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Monday, February 22, 2016
It Never Rains 334
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The Valentine's Day header has now been retired to the "Miscellaneous" page. If I get my act together enough to create the first It Never Rains print collection, it will be the final header featured there. In fact, we're fast approaching the comic that will be the last in the collection; it will appear about three weeks from now. Today's strip will be the ninth last comic in the book.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Panel 1: Kris sits between Iz and Rose on Rose's living-room couch.

Rose: So what's the experiment?

Kris: I can't say.

Panel 2:

Rose: You mean she's sworn you to secrecy?

Kris: No, I mean I don't understand it.

Panel 3:

All I know is that it's probably breaking the rules of physics, or possibly writing new ones, and I'm terrified of it.

Panel 4:

Rose: And yet here you are.

Kris: Your mad-scientist stepsister has charisma.

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