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Wednesday, November 25, 2015
It Never Rains 296
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If you're thinking the twins look a little older than they did the last time they appeared (which I believe was actually last Christmas), you're right. They're fifteen now (they started the comic at thirteen and a half) and have gone through a growth spurt. In case you're curious, the ages of all the girls in Rose's family are, from oldest to youngest: Jennifer (18), Rose (17), Clara (15), Rebecca (15),  Denise (11), and Alex (6, but she'll be 7 in January).

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Panel 1: Clara and Rebecca, Rose's twin stepsisters, join Rose and Alex on the basement couch.

Rose: Alex is sad because of math.

Clara: No, she only thinks she is.

Panel 2:

Clara: You're not genuinely sad about math until you ask Jennifer to help you convert 0.63 to a fraction, and she produces a three-page equation she calls "the easy way."

Panel 3:

Rebecca: Don't forget the incident with the imaginary numbers.

Clara: I was trying to forget it.

Panel 4:

Alex: But two plus two plus two is the same as three plus three!

Rose: Just heartbreaking.

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