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Wednesday, October 21, 2015
It Never Rains 281
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Today is the day Marty McFly pays a brief visit to 2015 in Doc Brown's flying DeLorean. I tend to get unnecessarily excited about things like this, but the fact that I do, in fact, write a time-travel comic means that I pay attention where time travel is concerned. Besides, Back to the Future is a large part of the reason I became so interested in time travel in the first place. I have thus created a musical tribute to it: "McFly," a song that explores Marty's Everyman qualities.

But wait...there's more! Because the song is about Marty McFly, it came out as rock music, which is not my usual thing. I decided to play it on a three-string electric guitar and ask my friend Mike, who has a not-so-secret identity as the musical performer Kraken Not Stirred, to help me out with the performance and maybe do one of my usual one-take recordings with me. Mike listened to my scratch recording, went, "This needs a backing track," and immediately created an amazing rocking accompaniment that  makes my three-string guitar sound a lot less like, well, a three-string guitar. Since I therefore haven't been able to do one of my usual sorts of videos, I've instead made a slide show for the song (which is really a further tribute to Mr. Kraken, as that's oftem how he makes his videos). Creating the slide show involved drawing sixty pencil sketches and then removing a fair number of smudges in Photoshop. It took a teeny bit of time.

Long story short (too late): I have written a song, created quite a lot of art, and joined them together as one. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Panel 1: Rose and Jacqueline stand talking in the park.

Rose: Basically, what I'm trying to take far too long explaining to you is that the cane is not for show.

Panel 2:

Jacqueline: Maybe not, but you still play on it.

Rose: Do I?

Panel 3:

Rose: I guess instead I could go around hating everyone because I was lonely.

Panel 4:

Rose: Please don't hurt me and/or chase me off a cliff again.

Jacqueline: I think I should, though.

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