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Sunday, August 16, 2015
It Never Rains panel following comic 246
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The last time I did an Alex-plays-chaotically-with-her-crazy-toys comic, one of the readers took exception with Claudia's removable of a Lego gun from Alex's possession (Rose had been making it for Alex's princess doll to wield). The reader read Claudia's action as denying Alex "boy" toys. I had intended it differently; in my mind, it was the gun as a gun that Claudia didn't like, and she would also have removed it if Alex had been a boy. However, I can see where the confusion came in, so I've provided a wider view of some of Alex's toys. I am not sure where she got all-devouring Cthulhu, but there you go.

It is a happy coincidence that this comic follows on the heels of Target's decision to remove the gendered signage from its toy aisles.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Panel 1: Alex is playing with a number of toys, all of which she is about to describe definitively except for the barrel of monkeys. Rose is kneeling beside her, watching.

Alex: ...and this is princess Belinda, and this is all-devouring Cthulhu, and this is a frog with a space laser, and this is Bob, who likes to wear dresses, and the princess used to have a gun, but we got in trouble for that, so now she uses a sword and leads all the monkeys to freedom.

Rose: I have taught you well, young but powerful bringer of chaos.

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