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Saturday, August 1, 2015
It Never Rains 234
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Today we're introduced to our second character based on someone who pledged the West of Bathurst Kickstarter. Yes, her name really is Kristi. She is not related to Kris, nor have the two of them ever met. Nonetheless, they could actually pass fairly easily as siblings, which is convenient, as it would be difficult to introduce characters named Kris and Kristi only a few months apart while claiming there was no connection between them.

Coincidentally, Kristi, who is from Indiana, is currently visiting Toronto. Everybody wave.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Panel 1: Jennifer and Kris's sister, Kristi, converge on Kris at the same time as Rose, Denise, and Alex watch.

Jennifer: Kris--

Kristi: Kris.

Panel 2:

Jennifer: Kristi.

Kris: Kristi...

Rose: Kristi?

Panel 3:

Denise: And Kris?

Rose: Kris and Kristi?

Alex: Yay!

Panel 4:

Kristi: Can we move back towards the yelling?

Rose, Denise, and Alex: Sure.

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