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Monday, June 22, 2015
It Never Rains 205
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Panel 1: We have once again entered Rose's fertile imagination. Dressed suspiciously like a student from a certain wizarding school (which shall remain nameless), Rose sits on a bed, a book and a wand by her side.

Narration Box: Another year at wizard school had ended, and somehow, I had survived.

Panel 2: Wizardy Rose looks out her window at Wizardy Jennifer, who is casting some sort of pink-hued spell as a boy watches.

Narration Box: I couldn't help but envy my stepsister. She had passed the terrifying and frequently lethal exams that qualified her for wizard university.

Panel 3: Wizardy Rose huddles on her bed, clutching her wand.

Narration Box: I still had a full year of dangerous spells, vindictive teachers, and quite possibly the fulfilment of a tragic and mysterious destiny to get through alive.

Panel 4: Back in the real world, Iz and Rose stand together in the park. Rose is waving her white cane around.

Iz: Is that a wand, a sword, or a gun this time? I can never tell.

Rose: Expelliarmus!

Iz: All right, then.

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