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Sunday, June 21, 2015
It Never Rains Father's Day 2015
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Happy Father's Day to my dad and my brother-in-law Paul, as well as all other fathers everywhere.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

 Panel 1: In the title panel, Iz looks suspiciously at a pair of pants bearing two tags. One reads "It Never Rains" and the other "XXL / 100% by Kari Maaren" (plus the symbol for "machine wash cold").

Panel 2: Iz and Rose stand just outside the door of Iz's apartment.

Iz: You can't come in.

Rose: ...why?

Panel 3: 

Iz:'s dad's.......................not wearing pants.

Rose: Really.

Panel 4:

He told me this was clearly a pants-free day. My mom disagreed, but it didn't help.

Panel 5:

Iz: When they got to the point in the conversation where my dad was proposing that no one should wear pants ever again, I shut myself in my room.

Panel 6:

Iz's Dad [through the door]: My powers of persuasion have prevailed! This apartment is now officially a no pants zone.

Iz's Mom [through the door]: No exceptions!

Panel 7:

Rose: I think your parents may be awesome, but let's go to my place.

Iz: Yep.

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