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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
It Never Rains 167
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So Errol Elumir has put together a monstrous fourteen-day-long puzzle hunt with some sweet prizes (for Torontonians only, alas, though many non-Torontonians are doing the puzzle hunt anyway). The prizes are all passes to a number of Toronto-based escape rooms. The puzzles are of various types; some are relatively easy and some very difficult. Apparently, Puzzle #10 is going to be particularly evil.

As of Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m., we'll be on Puzzle #7. However, you can easily catch up, as what really matters is getting to Puzzle #14 in time to join the mad rush to solve it on Wednesday, April 1st. Until then, the puzzles can be solved at any time; the first team to solve any particular puzzle gets only bragging rights. I would, by the way, suggest you work in teams. I am on a tiny team with my friend Ben, who is much better at puzzles than I am, but I'm helping as best I can.

If you enjoy puzzles and ciphers, please do check this out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Panel 1: Jacqueline turns towards where Maggie used to be, though she isn't any more.

Jacqueline: Go aw--hey. Where's you go?

Panel 2: Jacqueline buzzes angrily down the street towards the house Maggie kept indicating.

Jacqueline: Oh, sure! Mess with me! Point me at some house or some reason, then vanish into thin air!

Panel 3: Jacqueline ends up next to the house in question. Unfortunately, it appears that Rose is sitting on the lawn behind a tree. She has no glasses, her hair is down around her face, and she appears rather shell-shocked.

Jacqueline: And of course, there's nothing over here! Nothing!

Panel 4: Jacqueline gazes down at Rose.

Jacqueline: Oh crap.

Rose: People say that about me a lot.

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