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Monday, October 13, 2014
It Never Rains 97
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Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian readers. Yes, everybody else, Canada really does have its Thanksgiving this early. TURKEY AND PUMPKIN PIE FOR ALL.

It is worth pointing out that 1) yes, I am continuing the West of Bathurst-initiated tradition of Hallowe'en, Christmas, and Valentine's Day headers, and 2) this particular one was inspired partly by my general frustration and internal rage and partly by A Mighty Girl's Hallowe'en Costume Guide, which offers girls of various ages a variety of affordable costumes that aren't, in fact, sexified (though don't worry: there are plenty of princesses, as well as, well, everything else imaginable). I figure that Rose would probably make her own costume (not for trick-or-treating, as she turned sixteen this summer, but perhaps there's a school costume day), and she would do it by cobbling together thrift-store items and bits and pieces plundered from various closets in her house, then turning her white cane into a sword, just because. She is not really going for any particular period there. She just wants a basic warrior sort of feel. I'm pretty sure those are gardening gloves, too. Iz, of course, is dressed as Peter Quill, and he's confused because Iz is always confused.

The sexy Hallowe'en costumes in the centre of the banner were all (with one exception) inspired by similar sexy costumes I found when I Googled "sexy Hallowe'en costumes." (Incidentally, that particular Google search does not produce images of any men at all.) The one exception is Power Girl, who doesn't need to be sexified because she just sort of inherently is. The other costumes are, in order of appearance, Sexy Minnie Mouse, Sexy Hermione Granger, Sexy Police Officer, Sexy Death, Sexy Witch, and Sexy Nun.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Panel 1: Iz, walking home from school, notices the panhandler--whose name may be Maggie, so let's just go with that--sitting in her usual spot.

Iz (thinks): Ooh!

Panel 2: Iz attempts to use his phone as, well, a phone.

Iz (thinks): Use phone as phone. Use phone as phone. Use phone as--

Panel 3: Maggie appears behind Iz.

Maggie: May I help you with something, you festering turd?

Iz: Augh!

Panel 4:

Maggie: You have to click the thingy.

Iz: There are too many thingies!

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