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Monday, October 6, 2014
It Never Rains 94
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Sorry for the delay, guys. For some reason I cannot explain at all, I completely forgot to post today's comic last night. I've had it done for a while, but it just slipped my mind. I'm making the necessary pages at lunch in my office. Sshhh...don't tell anyone.

In other news, the Kickstarter campaign is finally over. It raised $9,350. Technically, it needed to reach at leach $9,500 to unlock the second stretch goal (a second month of daily It Never Rains comics), but let's just say that we came close enough that there will be a second month somewhere in there anyway. Thanks for all your support. Now I just have to, you know, finish making the book.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Panel 1: Iz and Rose walk down the school hallway together.

Iz: You need to stop trolling the bullies.

Rose: But they're just so adorable.

Panel 2:

Iz: No, seriously. You think you know how they work, but you don't, and you're gonna get yourself killed.

Panel 3: 

Rose: I handled you.

Iz: I'm a boy. These are girls! Even the worst of the jocks flee girl bullies.

Panel 4:

Rose: So they're the basilisk, and you're Aragog?

Iz: Harry Potter references are just gonna make them hate you more.

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