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It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Saturday, September 13, 2014
West of Bathurst Kickstarter appeal
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No, this is not Friday's comic; please click on "Previous" for that. This is a shameless bit of self-promotion aimed at nudging people towards the West of Bathurst Kickstarter. Regard it as West of Bathurst hijacking It Never Rains for the weekend. On Monday, we'll return to our regular scheduled angsting.

If you are a West of Bathurst reader, you'll likely recognise Elisa and Athar. If not, you can check out their other appearances here.

The West of Bathurst Kickstarter is up to $4,130, or 55% funded. Check out the latest update, in which I talk about the Elisa-and-Athar comic and give you a look at the WoB book's cover.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Panel 1: Surprise! This is actually a West of Bathurst comic, not an It Never Rains comic. West of Bathurst has seized the opportunity to take over this weekend, even though this is not really its website. In the title panel, a film title card or whatever those things are called reads "West of Bathurst, by Kari Maaren." A woman bearing a suspicious resemblance to Kari herself smiles at it from off to the right.

Panel 2: A woman and a man, Elisa and Athar, look directly at the reader.

Elisa: Hi...I'm Elisa.

Athar: And I'm Athar.

Elisa: We're Davies alumni.

Athar: But that is not the point.

Panel 3: 

Isn't it?

Athar: The point is complex, convoluted, and vaguely meta, and it's difficult to express in actual words.

Panel 4:

Elisa: But we're going to try anyway.

Athar: Because that is what we do.

Panel 5:

Elisa: We are fictionalised versions of real people asking, within the context of our unreal surroundings, for real money for a real crowdfunding campaign.

Panel 6:

Athar: It is a campaign to make a real book emcompassing the fictional universe in which we reside. We're probably not even supposed to know it exists.

Panel 7:

Elisa: Which it actually doesn't.

Athar: But it will! It will be called West of Bathurst: The Complete Collection, and you will be able to fight wombats with it.

Panel 8:

Elisa: I always appreciate it when I can use books to fight wombats.

Athar: Most relatively sane people do. Go to and pledge today!

Panel 9: Elisa begins to walk away. Athar holds up a large book.

Elisa: Now if you'll excuse us, the wombat army is at the gates.

Athar: My weapon of choice is The Riverside Shakespeare.

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