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It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Friday, September 5, 2014
It Never Rains 81
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Good news, everyone: at long last, I have launched the West of Bathurst print collection Kickstarter campaign, which will continue until October 3rd. Please do consider pledging one of the levels. Every little bit counts, and even the lowest reward level ($1) will get you an e-mailed thank-you comic and your name in the book. The PDF version starts at $15, the paperback at $60, and the hardcover at $90. I know the book is not cheap, and I'm really sorry about that, but it's huge and heavy and expensive to both print and ship, and I just can't charge less without ending up thousands of dollars out of pocket. Think of it this way: it's basically the equivalent of four ordinary-sized print collections. You should be able to use it as a weapon if necessary.

I've posted the Kickstarter image below, and I'll leave it there for the rest of the month. If you click on it, you will be taken to the campaign. The whole thing is off to a good start; in the first day, we've raised $2,155. However, now that the initial rush is over, it's going to be a hard slog to $7,500. Even if you can't contribute--and I understand perfectly if you can't--please consider posting about the campaign on social media or telling a few people that it exists. Just think: we only need 1,069 more people to pledge $5 each for the campaign to be successful! That's doable, right?......right?

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Panel 1: Rose crouches on the sidewalk beside the panhandler, who is looking back along Elmhurst, away from Rose.

Rose: Did you throw the note into my yard?

Panhandler: What note?

Panel 2:

Rose: The impossible replicating note about Jennifer.

Panhandler: Interesting. I must have done.

Panel 3: 

You must have done?

Panhandler: I'd forgotten all about that. I really need to be writing things down.

Panel 4:

Rose: I'm relatively sure there's something I'm missing here.

Panhandler: I'd better write that down too.

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