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Friday, July 25, 2014
It Never Rains 63
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This has nothing to do with It Never Rains or West of Bathurst. Nonetheless, I feel the need to issue...A CHALLENGE.

Yesterday, Errol Elumir of the webcomic and band Debs & Errol decided, in his wisdom, to celebrate his thousandth comic by providing an utterly fiendish series of puzzles for readers to solve. Do check it out if you date. The puzzles have driven some people to the brink of madness. I gave up early on, as I was already in a bad mood and was not enjoying being made to feel as if my brain had suddenly shrunk three sizes. I also vowed revenge, less on my behalf than in honour of those who had fallen to and/or wasted countless hours on puzzles apparently designed mostly for computer scientists.

Here is my revenge:

Gyf dsrzb fwiv gygyflj yfwff ssrby xpbxvprt gixl g yxg yfixl sfbn voqrogy fdxgv fojfr ulrwfrof jxdx z bfr uzfvo qppv efovogr xdxll vroxg fdxqfzng yfwf w fog vrorg rgrs r.

Please feel free to attempt to decipher this message. Because I am aiming it straight at freaking Errol, the prize for getting it right is some sort of small Totoro toy posted immediately to wherever you now are, and yes, I do mean "immediately" and not "I shall promise you prizes and then procrastinate for two years, feeling extremely ashamed of myself all the while, and I swear I'll eventually send out the prizes! I swear I will! Don't kill me!" I know just where to purchase a small Totoro toy. If Errol wins, he will get the toy. If you win, you will get the toy and the right to say that you are more clever and devious than Errol.

Doubtless my code will be broken via brute force and/or pattern analysis. It is not meant to be anywhere near unbreakable; it's the sort of code a bright eight year old might come up with in her spare time. I considered adding layers to it and making it truly fiendish, but I wanted it to be annoying, not sanity-obliterating. However, if you break it and manage to discern where I got my key, you will win a slightly bigger Totoro toy and a cameo in It Never Rains. The origin of the key is the really tough puzzle. (Also, there may be errors in it, as I'm too lazy to proofread it.)

Knock yourselves out.

EDIT: Moosling has cracked the code and won the little Totoro. The cameo is still up for grabs by anyone who finds the origin of the key. The solution of the puzzle will be revealed eventually, but for now, feel free to keep trying. Apparently, it can be done.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Panel 1: Rose and Iz have stopped outside Rose's house. Rose looks down at a bicycle parked on the street.

Iz: Okay, I said I'd meet Josh, so--

Rose: Wait.

Panel 2:

Iz: What?

Rose: Orange bike. You think I'm weird, right?

Panel 3: 

Iz: Well...

Rose: No, seriously: right?

Iz: Uh...

Rose: Right?

Iz: Okay! Okay! Right!

Panel 4: Rose, grinning, pulls Iz towards the house.

Rose: Clearly, you've never met my aunt.

Iz: This feels ominous.

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