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Sunday, June 15, 2014
It Never Rains Father's Day 2014
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Happy Father's Day. Have an extra comic about how to torture one's father at brunch.

And yes, I do know that "yesterday" was Saturday. Somehow, I don't think Rose pays very close attention to reality when she is reinventing the laws of logic and common sense.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Panel 1:  Rose, her sisters Denise and Alex, and their father are looking at menus in a restaurant. Alex is colouring.

Panel 2:  The menus are gone now.

Dad:'s school going?

Panel 3:  

Alex:  It's preschool, Daddy, not school.

Denise:  What an original question.

Rose:  Yesterday, my math class was attacked by space pirates.

Panel 4:  

Alex:  I played blocks with Charlie, and he bit me.

Denise:  Gosh...maybe if we talk about school, we'll break the awkward silence!

Rose:  It was lucky all the students were armed.

Panel 5:

Alex:  So I bit him too, but he didn't get in trouble! Only I did!

Denise:  Maybe next you can ask us about our new toothbrushes. Or our hair.

Rose:  We lost Ranjit when he tried to garrote a pirate with the teacher's tie, but ultimately, we won the day.

Panel 6:

Alex:  The teacher said the problem was where I bit him.

Denise:  School was very nice, Father. We learned about crumpets and tea.

Rose:  If you have any advice on how to dispose of twenty-three bodies, it would be appreciated.

Panel 7:

Dad: you like your toothbrushes?

Alex:  Yes.

Denise:  No.

Rose [points at Denise]:  I mostly just use hers.

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