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Sunday, May 11, 2014
It Never Rains Mother's Day 2014
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I mentioned way back before I started It Never Rains that it would mostly involve short MWF comics but that there might be longer Sunday-style comics on special occasions.  Mother's Day seems like a good special occasion to me.  Have a small glimpse into the relationship between Rose and her most crotchety sister.  Incidentally, this comic also gives you a bit of a bonus:  it reveals the names (on the card) of all the sisters and stepsisters.  Deductive reasoning will tell you which is which.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Panel 1: Title panel.  Rose's middle sister is looking cynical while holding up a card that reads:  "Happy Mother's Day!"  The card is signed with six names:  Denise (in the careful rounded printing of an elementary-school child), Jennifer (small and cramped), Rose (in block letters), Clara (in neat cursive), Rebecca (in curly pink letters surrounded by flowers), and Alex (in the straggling letters of a young child who is just beginning to learn how to write).  The card's facing page reads "It Never Rains" (with an arrow pointing towards the signatures) and "by Kari Maaren."  Discerning readers will notice that the names of all six sisters have now been revealed and may even notice that the middle sister, by process of elimination, is probably named Denise.

Panel 2:  Denise, her arms overflowing with wrapped and unwrapped presents, approaches Rose in the latter's bedroom.  Rose has been sitting on her bed, reading.

Denise:  I'm collecting Mother's Day gifts for tomorrow.  Are your ready?

Rose:  Well, damn.

Panel 3:  Denise kneels on the bed, the presents laid out in front of her on the duvet.  There are two wrapped presents, plus what look like two pink picture frames and maybe a couple of keychains.

Denise:  You forgot?

Rose:  Only a little.

Panel 4:  Rose begins to write something.

Denise:  We have two moms.  How is it possible to forget Mother's Day?

Rose:  Hold on a minute, will you?

Panel 5:

Denise:  You are literally the worst person alive on the planet today.

Rose:  Mm-hmm...

Panel 6:  Rose holds up the two pink picture frames.

Rose:  Here you go:  two touching sonnets written out in calligraphy and stuck inside the adorable frames Alex apparently made in preschool.  Incidentally, I see you got them keychains.

Panel 7:  Rose goes back to reading.

Denise:  You're a monster.

Rose:  Give me a nudge before Father's Day.  I'll need a couple minutes' notice.

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