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Monday, May 5, 2014
It Never Rains 28
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Some friends and I have started an odd little website,, devoted to Canadian geek music.  Well...when I say "some friends and I," I mean "mostly Errol of Debs and Errol, but the rest of us contributed and had ideas too, and hey, I was the one who originally thought of the there."  At any rate, this site is meant as a sort of meeting place and resource for Canadian geek musicians.  It has already collected a fair number.  As well, there is free music floating around:  we have made a sampler that collects eight geeky songs by eight geeky people or bands.  It costs $4 if you buy it via Bandcamp (any revenues will go towards recouping the costs of the website and the pbysical download cards), but you can also get a download code for free if you sign up for my mailing list and send me a message reading something like, "Yes, I would like some free awesomeness."  This is, of course, just a sneaky way of convincing you to sign up for my mailing list (that would be my music-related mailing list, not my It Never Rains mailing list).  Never fear:  I almost never use it, so I am not likely to harass you with it.  You can sign up via my website or my Facebook musician page.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Panel 1: Rose sits on a park bench, rooting through her backpack.  Her white cane sits folded on the bench beside her.

Panel 2:  Two boys a bit younger than Rose run past.  One snatches the cane off the bench.

Boy:  Ah ha ha ha!  I got it!  I got it!

Panel 3:  

Rose (shouts after him):  Is it herpes?

Panel 4:  Rose sits on the bench, alone and rather dejected looking.

Rose:  I really hope it's herpes...

Alt-Text: Aaaaaaaand that is where her mind immediately went, apparently.

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