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Tuesday, April 1, 2014
April Fool!
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Well, that's it.  The whole It Never Rains thing was fun while it lasted, but it clearly wasn't working.  I mean, the comic has been running for a month, and I haven't even introduced any aggravating mysteries designed to continue for seven and a half years and drive readers slowly insane.  Besides, change is inherently bad.  I have thus decided to scrap the entire comic without warning and go back to West of Bathurst, picking up the story before it turned into a paranormal soap opera; I shall thus be discounting the entire last year of the strip.  For our purposes, it is now the spring of 2013.

However, since I obviously don't want to end the comic like that again, I'm going to ret-con some minor changes into the storyline.  As of right now, Marie's apartment contains three bedrooms instead of one, and Barbara is about to move into the third.  This development will ensure that wacky hijinks ensue, all of them followed by a group hug, the learning of a life lesson, and a return to the status quo.  Also, Rahim is going to get a girlfriend!  And Marie is going to get a boyfriend!  And Casey is going to go on dates, all of them hilarious!  Barbara will remain single, a fact that she will lament on a daily basis, as no woman's life is ever complete without a nice man.

I know some of you may miss Rose, but, hey, you only just met her, and the thought of developing a whole new cast of characters just doesn't appeal to me.  It's better that I continue with West of Bathurst for the next forty years, eventually handing the reins over to my grandchildren.  Incidentally, as of now, the characters are going to stop aging.

I'm very excited about this new--well, old--direction, and I'm confident you will agree with me.  Happy reading!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Panel 1:  Casey, dressed in his pyjamas, runs into Marie's bedroom in the middle of the night.  Marie is sitting up in bed.  The lights are on.

Casey:  ...I heard yelling?

Marie:  I was having the craziest dream.

Panel 2:  Casey sits on the bed beside Marie.

Marie:  I got a job in Lethbridge, and you lost your memory, sort of, and it turned out Evil Marie was real, except actually, we were all fictional.

Panel 3:  

Marie:  And then we were replaced by a whole bunch of other random people!  And I was in Lethbridge!

Casey:  That seems improbable.

Panel 4:  

Marie:  Which bit?

Casey:  Mostly the thing about Lethbridge.  The other stuff is actually pretty likely.

Alt-Text: Sometimes, Casey doesn't even bother with the shiny object.

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