It Never Rains, by Kari Maaren
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014
It Never Rains 11
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Further to the news about the Searchlight contest I mentioned on Monday:

Debs and Errol have created a handy-dandy page that links to all five geek bands entered in the contest.  If you visit it, you will be able to vote for all of us (voting continues daily until April 6th; you may vote for up to ten bands per region per day).  Debs and Errol also tell you how to win exciting prizes (consisting mostly of music contributed by all of us).  A hint:  you will have to do stuff involving the hashtag #VoteGeek.

In the meantime, CBC Music has noticed our efforts.  On Monday, a CBC Music representative phoned Errol and asked what "geek music" was.  I believe Errol told her at length.  Now CBC Music has mentioned us on Google+.  Our initiative has also been promoted by Pop Mythology and Geek Hard.  We are reaching tens of people!  Tens, I say!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Panel 1:  Rose is standing in a room with the woman to whom she was talking in the kitchen and another woman.  To avoid confusion, let us use deductive reasoning to begin identifying these characters.  The second woman has red hair (a bit lighter than Rose's) and blue eyes, so it should be safe to assume that she is Rose's mother.  The other woman looks Indian, with white-streaked shoulder-length hair; we shall call her Rose's stepmom.  Four girls are peering through the door of the room at Rose and the two women.  Two of these girls resemble the stepmom; they seem to be the same age (about 13), so for now, they'll be dubbed Steptwin 1 (with longer hair) and Steptwin 2 (with shorter hair).  The Tiny Sister (5) is also there, as is another girl with reddish hair, Middle Sister (9 going on 10).  Finally, a 16-year-old girl who is darker than the step-twins and has curly black hair and glasses wanders down the hall behind the other four girls, paying attention to none of them.  She carries what looks like a beaker; some kind of vapour is wafting from it.  Her name, for now, is Older Stepsister.

Mom:  But why did you hit him with your cane?

Rose:  Zombies.

Panel 2:  Older Stepsister has now disappeared from sight.  Rose begins to sidle towards the door.

Mom:  Rose--

Rose:  I'm serious.  It was the zombies.  Or the frogs.

Panel 3:  Rose heads down the hall.

Rose:  Frogs or zombies?

Steptwin 1:  Frogs!

Steptwin 2:  Zombies!

Middle Sister:  Zombie frogs!

Panel 4:  Rose is long gone.  The various sisters, still hashing out the issue in the doorway, block any pursuit.

Stepmom:  I see what she did there.

Mom:  I don't.

Alt-Text: When your family includes five other teen or preteen girls, escaping from a room is as easy as introducing a seemingly trivial topic of conversation and sneaking away as everyone takes it VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY.

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