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Monday, February 19, 2024
It Never Rains 1609
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I got the Valentine's Day header up a little late, so let's leave it for this week as well. Plus...well, in Canada, we have this drugstore chain called Shoppers Drug Mart. In recent years, it's been a source not only of holiday candy but of holiday stuffies. While its post-holiday discount candy selection has been very disappointing lately, it always seems to have some good discount stuffies, especially after Valentine's Day, as it's hard to offload things with hearts on them once everyone has stopped being mushy.

I stopped by Shoppers today. There was almost no candy, but there were plenty of stuffies. In honour of Iz, I looked for a large pink bear. I didn't find one. But there was a large grey bear with a heart on his chest. Once I pulled it off the shelf, I revealed...a large blue bear with a heart on its chest (and a sewn-on off-centre bow, presumably so the heart remains visible). Its nose was also a (black) heart, though that is less clear from the picture.

The bear was, like, $13. I felt I had to get it for Iz's sake. Also, I have a huge soft spot for stuffies. The blue bear was immediately irresistible.

So here is the blue version of Iz's pink bear. I would ask you all to give me name suggestions, but frankly, I'm probably just going to call him Iz.

Kari with a big blue bear
Image: Kari Maaren, a middle-aged woman with brown hair and glasses, peers out from behind a large blue teddy bear with a red neck bow and a red heart on its breast.

Monday, February 19, 2024
Panel 1: Some weeks have now passed. If you think about it, all the drama with Iz basically coming back from the dead has to have happened in December of 2023. The current comic is happening around now. Rose is visiting Iz, whose bed is tilted up so he's in a sitting position. She's wearing a mask; he isn't. He's sagging a little.

Rose: Hi, Iz...oh. What's wrong?

Iz: Nothing. Just tired.

Panel 2: Iz speaks haltingly, with pauses in the middles of his truncated sentences.

Iz: Had physio...this morning. Building up strength.

Rose: What did they have you doing?

Panel 3:

Iz: Holding...up my arms...for ten seconds.

Panel 4:

I failed.

Rose: To be fair, you have virtually no muscles right now.

Alt-Text: Rose always knows the right thing to say.

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