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This page contains links related to my stuff, plus other comics I like.  My stuff comes first because I'm just that conceited.

My Stuff

Link to Kari Maaren's website
Click on my enormous name to be taken to my personal website, which contains way more stuff than I've got here (both music- and comic-related).

Link to West of Bathurst
This is my first webcomic, which ran between the summer of 2006 and February of 2014.  That red-haired lady in the banner is Barbara Mickel, Rose Malory's aunt.


Link to Kari Maaren's Bandcamp site
Clicking on the sad, sad Grendel above will take you to my Bandcamp site, where you can listen to (and, if you so choose, buy) my music.  Beowulf Pulled My Arm Off is my first album.
Here is one song from my YouTube channel, which has a great many songs on it.
Link to
Canadian Geek Bands is a website devoted to geek bands that are also Canadian.  It contains information about as many Canadian geek musicians as we have been able to find, plus resources for said musicians.  We have also set up Facebook and Twitter pages, so feel free to follow us there.


WoB Talk originally served as West of Bathurst's comments section, but I also posted Rants and other fun bits and pieces of information there.  I am keeping it as my general blog, despite its title.

Other Webcomics
Darths and Droids:  a webcomic that reimagines the Star Wars saga as a tabletop RPG.
Debs and Errol:  a webcomic about the relatively real lives of Debs and Errol, Torontonian geek musicians.
Finn and Charlie are Hitched:  a webcomic by Tony Breed.  The title is probably relatively self-explanatory.
Hark!  A Vagrant:  a webcomic by Kate Beaton...about...stuff...with floaty people...and, yeah...
Piled Higher and Deeper:  a webcomic by Jorge Cham about grad school and how it tends to drive people mad.  A lot.
Rock, Paper, Cynic:  a webcomic by Peter Chiykowski about exciting things such as "dinosaurs, philosophy, and outer space."

More information about the stuff I do and the stuff I like can be found on my personal website.

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